‘Longest chip ever’ given ‘standing ovation’ at Wetherspoons pub

A TikTok video of the ‘longest chip ever’ has gone viral after a Wetherspoon’s customer proudly showed off her discovery in a Camden beer garden

Wetherspoon’s customers have hailed the “longest chip ever” after hilarious footage from one of the chain’s pubs was shared onilne.

In a clip originally shared to TikTok, delighted punters are seen clapping and cheering as a proud diner holds up the discovery for all to see. As laughter erupts around the beer garden, she hails: “Look at that! Oh my god!”

Responding to the short clip, which was recorded at a ‘Spoons branch in Camden, one TikTok user declared: “It makes you proud to be British.”

Others were left baffled as to how it could be so long, adding that “no potato is that big”. Another person pondered: “But how could it be that long? What potato is that size? Unless its ground up potato then moulded into that shape.”

A second agreed: “I just wanna know how blummin’ massive that potato was.” Whilst a third questionned if the chip had in fact been “AI generated”.

Despite the TikTok user only having 62 followers, her 11-second clip has gone viral on the platform – seen by more than 360,000 people.

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Chip gets standing ovation

original sound – Professor peach

The culinary delight soon made it’s way to Reddit, meanwhile, where it caused just as much of a stir. “No one else in the world would ever understand what the f*** is going on here and the kind of culture of a Spoons,” expressed one CasualUK subreddit member in delight.

“I love these little nuances that only people from ‘home’ would ever get. Imagine trying to explain to an American or even someone with English as a second language, that an entire pub clapped at a chip!”

Another person concurred: “Only the British would ever be so quirky and wholesome as to clap at a chip! None of those silly other countries could possibly understand our randomness. There is a silly quality to UK humor that a lot of others don’t quite get and certainly wouldn’t initiate.”

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    A third person quipped: “Humanity has reached it’s high watermark, it’s down hill from here. We will never see such achievement again.”

    And a fourth recalled: “My family used to hold a longest chip competition at McDonalds birthdays parties… my gran gave my younger sister a chip and the thing only bloody won, and I threw such a big tantrum they didn’t hold any more after that. Anyway this woman beats my sister’s nepotism chip so congratulations to her!”

    It follows a similar tale last year that saw a nine-year old boy discover a chip “bigger than his head” in a bag of frozen chips from Asda.

    Youngster Archie Davies shared his excitement after finding what he believes to be a world record-length chip. His family had to get the measuring tape out to find out it was an incredible nine inches-long. Archie then had his picture taken with his find to mark the occasion.

    Express reached out to Whetherspoons but they didn’t wish to comment on the humongous chip.

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