You have eyes like hawk if you can spot words in brainteaser

Brainteasers are great for keeping the mind sharper for longer, helping exercise the mind and giving it engaging challenges.

Brainteasers are a great way to stimulate the mind and give the brain some crucial exercise in a light-hearted environment.

They can come in many different shapes and sizes, but the three most common types of brainteasers are observational, analytical, and mathematical.

Mathematical brainteasers come in the form of tricky maths-based puzzles that the user must solve as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, analytical brainteasers revolve around tricky written riddles that the user must also crack efficiently.

Observational brainteasers, such as the one above shared by Jagran Josh, start with a busy image inside which is an anomaly someone must find. In this case, it is a group of children being shown around an observatory.

The user’s task here is to find the six hidden words as quickly as possible.

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Did you spot the hidden words? No worries if not, the answers are circled above. The hidden six words were eclipse, orbit, moon, star, sun, and meteor.

The word eclipse can be seen written on the pulled-back curtain, the word orbit can be seen on the purple board whilst the word moon is stuck onto the side of a cloud being played with by a child.

Furthermore, the word star is written on one of the children’s hair, the word sun is on the massive yellow telescope and the word meteor can be seen on the metallic base of the same telescope.

Brainteasers like this one are great for exercising the mind in the same way running, cycling or swimming can exercise the muscles in the arms and legs, potentially contributing to overall neurological health.

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    Maintaining neurological health is key to keeping the brain in optimum condition and reducing someone’s risk of developing a degenerative condition such as dementia.

    This doesn’t mean brainteasers can stop someone from developing dementia, other risk factors can have a much bigger impact, but they could help keep someone’s mind sharper for longer.

    Dementia is one of the most devastating conditions in the UK with thousands of patients dying from the condition every year. While there are new treatments being developed to slow the condition, there is as yet no cure for any form of dementia.

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