Man told his breakfast looks like ‘cat sick’ after sharing snap online

A man who proudly shared a picture of his breakfast online has left people shocked as they claim they wouldn’t feed the bizarre food combination to their pets.

A man who shared a photo of his breakfast concoction has been slammed after people compared it to cat sick.

Budding home cook Leo was the subject of social media ridicule after his meal was shared to the Facebook page RateMyPlate, as nearly 8,000 people took to the comments section to discuss his rather unsavoury meal.

The plate appeared to feature sweetcorn atop a gooey mixture on a soufflé bed. While it clearly took some effort to assemble, other Facebook users were left feeling queasy at the thought of digesting the kitchen nightmare.

“Leo!” wrote one person. “Dear God what the heck is that? Looks like mashed potato, mince beef in some sort of vomit like gravy and sweetcorn. Please tell me you didn’t eat it.”

Another added: “I’ve decided to use this photo for a weight loss plan. Every time I feel like eating I will look at this ! I can almost feel the pounds dropping already!”

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“So that’s where the bag of cat sick I cleaned up yesterday went,” joked a third.

A fourth agreed: “Wow who hurt you? This pile of sick is without a doubt the most ridiculously disgusting thing I have seen all week. Do yourself and everyone else a favour and just give up on this cooking stuff, it’s obviously never going to be your fortè.”

And a fifth hit out: “Oh stop it I’ve just eaten a lovely cooked breakfast and seen this nearly brought it back up. This surely isn’t serious. I wouldn’t even feed this to my cats absolute shocking, I hope you enjoyed it x.”

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    Meanwhile others came up with different ways poor Leo should use his culinary skills for more practical purposes including making fishing tackle and dog food.

    Some even went as far as to declare the food 2024’s worst offering on the page yet, before encouraging Leo to “seek professional help” and “never cook again”.

    Facebook’s Rate My Plate community has more than three million members, who are treated to a variety of submissions regularly. And while Leo’s meal might be shocking, it doesn’t quite compare to Alexander E’s homemade Victoria sponge – dubbed one of Rate My Plate’s worst ever dishes of all time in 2019.

    “Looks like Spongebob had a love child with a whipped cream can,” slammed one member of the group. Another added: “Easy on the steam roller love… I know you’ve got to give it back to the hire shop tomorrow but I think you’ve had your monies worth.”

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