Mum’s horror after hearing mystery voice say daughter’s name

The woman was left feeling spooked after hearing a ‘paranormal entity’ mimicking her voice in the middle of the night – and took to social media for advice.

A mum has recalled the chilling moment she was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of her own voice shouting her daughter’s name.

But she is “positive” it wasn’t coming out of her mouth.

She wrote on Reddit: “My daughter’s room is across the hall from my room. She keeps hearing me screaming her name in the middle of the night!

“She’s actually woken me up a couple of times by yelling back and then as I’m waking up I’m so confused about why she’s yelling at me. The last time it happened was a few days ago.

“However this time I woke up because I heard my voice yelling my daughter’s name and I’m positive it wasn’t coming out of my mouth.”

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Unsurprisingly, it was an encounter that “freaked her out”. The woman, who lives in Ontario, Canada, explained that as their air conditioning units are usually so loud, they effectively soundproof each bedroom.

Haunted by the apparent mimicry, she pleaded for information online, asking: “Are these ‘mimics’ a real thing? What happens if you answer it? Or what can happen? Why are there such things if they are real and what do they look like?”

One user responded to her eerie tale with a spine-tingling experience of their own, recalling: “I had a mimic actually. Everyone in my house has had an occurrence with it. It was wild dude.”

My 11yr old daughter is horrified
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    Another added: “No clue about the paranormal aspects, but I would suggest checking your house inside out to make sure there isn’t anyone else hiding. I’ve read so many stories of people hiding in secret compartments of a property and living there without the owners noticing.”

    They continued, offering a tech-based solution: “After this, I suggest getting a GoPro camera or any camera that is able to record for a long time. While a security camera might seem good, those don’t record all the time, just when there’s movement in the camera. Find one that does continuous recording or is sound-activated. I would also suggest you check your carbon monoxide alarm and make sure it’s working/you are not being affected by a leak. If all else fails, contact a priest or whichever religious leader of your choosing.”

    A third contributor suggested another surveillance strategy. They advised: “Maybe set up a camera in your room, so it can record you sleeping, so you can see if it is actually you calling out or not? Whether it’s a spectral presence or something more mundane, it’s an unnerving predicament indeed!”

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