‘My rude neighbour erected scaffolding in my front garden without my permission’

The resident was shocked and dismayed when their discourteous neighbour installed scaffolding in their front garden without obtaining permission.

A resident was left appalled after her “rude” neighbour erected a scaffolding in their front garden without any permission. The unnamed person on social media shared the frustration on the online forum, Reddit, asking people for their advice.

The person’s mother who resides in a terraced house was taken aback after she discovered the scaffolding while she returned from her work. They claimed that the neighbour responsible for this action hasn’t communicated with the owner about it at all.

Upset over the incident, the social media user then visited the roofers who “shrugged it off” and said that it would be removed tomorrow. They posted: “My mum lives in a terrace and came back from work yesterday to find scaff erected in her front garden. Neighbour hasn’t spoken to my mum about this at all.”

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They added: “I went round today and spoke to the roofers, they basically just shrugged and said it would be down tomorrow.

“Other than it being incredibly rude and inconsiderate to go onto someone else’s property without their permission is there any laws that have been broken? And any legal recourse I can take?”

The post has received more than 160 comments leaving many confused over the situation. Many online users suggested that the roofers might have told the owner of the house before taking action.

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    One person said: “Not my experience, I had roofers put up scaffold for half a days work to fix a leak. I think it’s to do with where the work that needs to be done is located as to whether scaffold or ladders is used, rather than the length of time.”

    A second added: “99% sure the roofers have told you the scaffold will be down tomorrow to get you to f*** off and leave. Scaffold gets left up until it’s required for the next job immediately after. Scaffold up for a single day is unusual, usually something on a roof that only takes a day or 1.5 days is done via cat ladders.”

    A third chimed in: “Tell the neighbour that you’re not happy they didn’t speak to you first. Then let them got on with their job. While they’re up there ask if you can use the scaffolding to clean windows/guttering etc. also a good opportunity to inspect your own roof.”

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