‘My wife gave away £200 gift to friend – now I’m asking her to pay me back’

The social media user detailed how his wife tends to give away or lend items to her friends that do not belong to her.

A husband was left fuming after his wife gave away his tent worth £200 to a friend without seeking his permission.

The frustrated man shared his disappointment on social media forum Reddit, saying he has now asked his wife to pay him back for it.

The user detailed how his wife tends to give away or lend items to her friends that do not belong to her. Additionally, he mentioned that she often forgets to retrieve these items even after being reminded multiple times.

He wrote: “She also takes forever to get the item back, she once lent my stuff to a coworker and refused to ask for it back for a month. And I’ll never forget the day my usually quiet, reserved son snapped at her for trying to give away his Nintendo switch.

“If I wasn’t also fed up with her behaviour I would have washed his mouth out with soap. I’ve had countless talks with her but she continues to do this.

“My son and I have resorted to locking up anything we didn’t want touched, which is something we shouldn’t have to do in our own home.”

However, the situation turned ugly when she gave a tent worth £200 to her friend that her husband had won in a raffle. The social media user explained how he wanted to sell the tent as he had no intentions of keeping it. But he was left shocked to see that his wife had already given it away.

He wrote: “When I asked my wife she said she gave it to a friend of ours. I got mad at her and said she had no right to give it away. Her defence was since I didn’t spend money on it and was not planning on using it, it made sense to give it away for free. I told her that wasn’t her decision to make but she just kept repeating herself.

“I had enough of this and said she’s either going to pay me herself or get the money from who she gave it to, and if she didn’t I’d get law enforcement involved. Since she rather die than ask a friend for money she paid me out of her own pocket.

He added: “This issue eventually got around to her family. While they did say she should have talked to me first they also reprimanded me for asking for payment.

“They reasoned that since I didn’t actually buy the tent I didn’t lose any money and it went to a friend who could actually put it to good use. I got several texts saying I should be ashamed for extorting my wife for money.

“I think I have every right to want to be paid for something of mine that was taken but everyone keeps emphasising the fact that I didn’t technically buy the tent and didn’t want it so I have nothing to be upset about.”

Several social media users responded to his post and supported his decision.

One person commented: “She absolutely shouldn’t have done that. What it sounds like is your family and friends don’t understand the magnitude of the situation.

“Of course they think it’s absurd because they don’t know that she does this all the time. You’re just finally fed up and put your foot down. Honestly, sounds like you should’ve done that a while ago.

“How would she feel if her stuff just went missing? Tell her she stops and if she doesn’t I would give her a taste of her own medicine. I would take things of hers and just give them away. Even if I just pretended I did just to prove a point. Sounds petty I know but she clearly isn’t getting it any other way.”

A second user said: “Yeah , it sounds like there’s something wrong with her.

“If she had done it a few times, just a misunderstanding but she’s doing it regularly and she never says anything to her husband to see if it’s okay which is weird. There is a klepto element to it.”

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