Nuclear powerplant becomes UFO hotspot with ’10 sightings in a single month’

The Kudankulam Nuclear Plant in the town of Tirunelveli in India has seemingly become a UFO /UAP hotspot – with as many as ten sightings in a single month.

Multiple sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been reported at a troubled nuclear power plant being built by Vladimir Putin’s Russia in India.

UFOs or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) have been spotted around Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, in the town of Tirunelveli, India, as many as 10 times within a single month.

Sabir Hussain, a UFO researcher affiliated with the Indian Society for Extraterrestrial Studies, said the UFOs have been observed by a local official.

He said: “Syed, an engineering graduate (now a sub-inspector), has seen UFOs more than 10 times in the Koodankulam area in August 2023.”

The initial sighting reportedly occurred just 10 days after another individual reported witnessing a UFO in a nearby village along the coastline of Chennai.

The mysterious object was described to have been flying in a peculiar “zigzag” pattern while emitting an intensely bright light across the night sky.

Syed told news outlet DT Next: “After meeting UFO tracker Sabir and discussing with him, I am more than 100 percent sure what I saw were UFOs. The way it stood still, the way it made zigzag movements and the speed in which it disappeared all were different.”

A picture snapped by Syden reveals a bright white light in the night sky, forming a circle but no clear details can be seen from the image he shared. The first part of the nuclear plant in question was launched in 2013, with additional units becoming operational over the next decade.

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    Construction is currently underway to open Unit Six, and this has been done in partnership with Russian-state-owned Atomstroyexport. The power plant was forced to shut down in 2017 when one of its units suffered a boiler puncture, reported DT Next. Then, in 2020, protesting migrant workers allegedly attacked an inspector.

    The following year, activists demanded that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu close the power station and stop the expansion of the site, which was being done in partnership with Russia.

    Activist Medha Patkar said: “We have requested the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to take steps to withdraw the projects, and we want the state to intervene.”

    Since the initial UFO sighting in August, there have been no further reports of UFOs/UAPs over the site, and neither India’s government nor the management of the nuclear plant have made any official comments.

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