Only the sharpest minds see the cat hidden in plain sight in under 12 seconds

This new puzzle shows a picture of a gnarled tree with a cat taking a nap hidden somewhere in its branches.

Only those with the sharpest minds are able to find the hidden cat within this new brainteaser in under 12 seconds.

The new puzzle shows a picture of a gnarled tree with a cat taking a nap hidden somewhere in its branches.

It has been created by education news website Jagranjosh which is urging players to set a timer and get cracking.

This task is especially difficult as the intricate detail in the picture makes it much harder for the eyes to focus on the task at hand.

But those who are struggling should try breaking the image down into several sections, then search each section slowly, one at a time, from left to right.

Those who still cannot find the cat should try looking in the right corner.

For those who give up, the answer is below.

Not only are brainteasers a great way to pass the time, but they are also great for keeping the mind in good shape.

They have been proven to motivate creativity in various skills, as well as improve thinking and problem-solving.

Brainteasers can also improve people’s IQ and help to lower stress levels.

For those looking for another challenge, this brainteaser challenging players to find an ant among a crowd of butterflies could be the perfect thing to try next.

There is also this challenging pub quiz which is perfect for preparing for the boozer.

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