Only those with 20/20 vision can tell the real logos in 20 seconds

Brainteasers can come in many different shapes and sizes, helping to stimulate the mind over time.

Brain puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain and give the mind some exercise in a creative and relaxing way. There are many different types of brain puzzles, but the three most common types of brainteasers are observational, analytical, and mathematical.

Mathematical brainteasers often pose tricky maths-based questions to the user, who has to solve them as quickly as possible. Analytical brainteasers come in the form of intricate word-based riddles which vary in complexity.

Observational brainteasers, such as the one above by Solopress, start off with an image full of different graphics and ask the user to find the anomaly within.

In this brainteaser, you have different sets of logos from different popular companies and you have to spot the real logos from the fake ones in less than 20 seconds.

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Did you spot the real from the fake logos in time? No worries if not, the answers are circled above.

Going down each row from the top, The correct Google logo was second from the right, for Microsoft it was second from the left, for Pepsi it was first on the right and for Tesla, it was second from the left.

Meanwhile, the real Amazon logo was second from the right and the real YouTube logo was first on the right. Both the real TikTok and real Spotify logos were second from the left while the X/Twitter and McDonald’s logos were first on the left.

The correct Addidas sign was first on the right, the real Netflix log was second from the left and the real Instagram logo was second from the right.

Brainteasers such as this one help to exercise the mind the same way that running, cycling, or swimming help to exercise the muscles in the arms and legs, potentially contributing to overall neurological health.

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    Maintaining neurological health is key, especially in the long term if someone wants to reduce their risk of developing a disease such as dementia.

    This doesn’t mean that doing brainteasers will stop someone from developing dementia, other risk factors can have a much bigger impact, but it could help keep the mind sharper for longer.

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