Only those with a high IQ can solve this rainforest-themed brainteaser in under 25 seconds

You’ll be in the top third of people if you can solve this mind-boggling brainteaser by spotting the hidden animal in the colourful pattern.

A colourful new brainteaser has been created to test your eyesight and IQ, with only one-third of the population being able to solve it.

The average time to solve the puzzle is 2 minutes 28 seconds; however, the current record time to beat is a speedy 25 seconds. How do you measure up?

The Amazon is home to 10 percent of the total known species of the Earth. To solve the puzzle, you need to find one of these species in the vibrant rainforest scenery below – the snake.

A huge 61 percent of the population completely gave up trying to find the little tropical snake, while the rest kept trying to score a maximum thinking time of 4 minutes.

The creators of the brainteaser, Business Waste, have provided a handy clue if you’re still struggling. The clue is: “The solution to the puzzle aims to make an environmental statement. Even the smallest type of litter can cause harm within an ecosystem.”

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World’s Environment Day falls every year on June 5 and it’s a great opportunity to remember and celebrate this planet’s beauty.

This year, sustainability experts from wanted to mark this day by sharing a fun brainteaser that showcases the most impressive and biodiverse ecosystem: the Amazon Rainforest.

Brainteasers are great ways to keep your mind and eyes sharp by testing yourself while also having a bit of fun. They can help maintain your brain’s health in the same way physical exercise can help your physical health.

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    The main three types of brainteasers are observational, analytical, and mathematical, and this one falls under the observational category.

    Mathematical brainteasers, on the other hand, involve difficult equations that people must try to solve as quickly as possible.

    The third type, analytical brainteasers, encourages users to solve written riddles, which can be just as tricky as the mathematical kind.

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