Only those with a high IQ can spot the hidden yellow car in 13 seconds

Brainteasers such as this one are great for stimulating the mind and testing it in a variety of different ways.

Only those with a super high IQ can solve this mind-bending puzzle in 13 seconds or less.

Brainteasers are a great way to both push the mind to its limits and use up quick bits of spare time such as commuting to work or sitting in a waiting room. One of the best things about them is they can come in different shapes and sizes.

There are three main types of brainteasers, observational, analytical, and mathematical. Observational brainteasers as you to spot an anomaly in the image such as an odd one out or a specific object.

On the other hand, analytical brainteasers require the user to solve a complex riddle or puzzle, testing a different part of the mind. Mathematical brainteasers involve people solving maths-based questions which vary in difficulty.

The brainteaser from Zippy Cash For Cars is a type of observational brainteaser which requires you to find the small bright yellow car in a sea of other cars and traffic paraphernalia as quickly as you can.

Don’t scroll down unless you’re ready for the answer…

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Did you spot the yellow car? No worries if not, the answer is above. The yellow car can be found in the top left-hand corner of the image between two grey cars parked very close to it.

Whether this brainteaser has been a doddle or difficult, it will have provided some vital mental exercise. Brainteasers and other brain puzzles exercise the mind in the same way running, cycling or swimming exercises the arms and legs.

They contribute ever so slightly to the health of the mind which is key in the long term if people want to reduce their risk of conditions such as dementia. This doesn’t mean that brainteasers will stop someone from developing dementia, other factors can have a much greater impact, but they can provide helpful stimulation for the mind.

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