World’s oldest man dies aged 114 after saying strong booze is elixir

Juan Vicente Perez, from Venezuela, was confirmed as the world’s oldest man by Guinness World Records in May 2022, when he was 112 years and 253 days old.

The world’s oldest man has died – at the ripe old age of 114.

Juan Vicente Perez from Venezuela had previously suggested that a daily glass of super-strength booze was the elixir of long life.

In May 2022, Guinness World Records confirmed that Juan was the oldest living man, aged 112 years and 253 days as of 4 February 2022. He told Guinness that drinking aguardiente – a type of distilled alcoholic South American spirit which is often made from sugarcane – was part of his secret to long life.

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Juan, born on 27 May 1909, was one of 10 children. When he was five, his family moved to Los Pajuiles, where he started working on a farm with his dad and brothers.

Juan and his brother Miguel even built a wooden mill to help make their farm work easier. Even though he only went to school for five months because his teacher got sick, Juan learned how to read and write.

Later in life, he became a sheriff in Caricuena in 1948. For ten years, he helped solve land and family problems while still working on the farm.

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    Guinness World Records said: “Besides farming, Juan’s biggest love is building a strong bond with God and his family. He’s thankful for his life, the food he eats, and the people around him.”

    “Juan Vicente married Ediofina del Rosario Garcia and they were together for 60 years until she passed away in 1997.”

    “They had a big family of eleven kids – six boys and five girls – which has grown over the years to include 41 grandkids, 18 great-grandkids, and 12 great-great-grandkids.”

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    “After a long day of hard work, Juan Vicente would spend his free time with his family. His son Edesio would play songs by Antonio Aguilar, Hermanas Calles and Negro Picante on the record player.”

    “Throughout his life, Juan Vicente saw many amazing inventions like TV and the internet. When he was 51, he had his ID photo taken for the first time in black and white.”

    “Juan Vicente is very healthy and has a great memory. He remembers his childhood, marriage, the names of his brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren. He loves being around family and friends, telling stories and having good chats.”

    “His 100th birthday celebration was very significant for him, as he was able to enjoy the company of all his sons and many great-grandchildren. His granddaughter, Karla Marisol, and her husband gave him a beautiful painting that he keeps in the central patio of his home.”

    In 2019, he marked his 110th birthday, making him the first man from Venezuela to live past 110.

    “His secret for a long life is to ‘work hard, rest on holidays, go to bed early, drink a glass of aguardiente every day, love God, and always carry him in your heart.'”.

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    “As a man of faith, with God as a priority in his life, Juan Vicente prays at least twice a day as part of his daily routine.”

    His daughter Nelyda Perez said at the time: “My dad is in very good health. He does not suffer from any disease that requires medical treatment,” shared daughter Nelyda Perez.

    “The next day after resting, he says he wakes up very well. The whole family is very grateful for my daddy’s health.”

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    Guinness World Records has not made an official comment on his passing yet. In the previous month, the world’s eldest individual Maria Branyas Morera celebrated her 117th birthday.

    This Spanish lady, who was born in America, assumed this title following French nun Lucile Randon’s death at 118 years old.

    On 4 March, she posted on a platform formerly known as Twitter: “Today I turn 117 years old. I’ve come this far.”

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