Only the sharpest minds can spot the hidden sweet in this brainteaser in under 50 seconds

Only those with a high IQ will be able to solve this tricky puzzle.

This tricky brainteaser is challenging you to find the sweet in this food scene. Can you find it in the allocated time?

Patient Claim Line has released the challenging brainteaser to mark World Health Day (April 7), which champions the right of everyone to good nutrition.

Hidden amongst the array of food, from fruit and vegetables to crackers and cheese, is a wrapped sweet.

Can you spot the sweet in under 50 seconds?

Commenting on the brainteaser, a spokesperson for Patient Claim Line said: “The theme of World Health Day this year is ‘my health, my right’, aiming to champion the right of people’s access to good nutrition and quality health care.

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“Whilst being a fun brainteaser, we hope this draws attention to the importance of eating a balanced diet, for health outcomes.”

Brainteasers are a great way to test the mind and can be done in a quiet moment on a commute or in a waiting room.

They can also be calming activities used to challenge yourself. They are popular for families and children and people who want to keep their minds active as they get older.

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    The games could also have long-term health benefits by helping to keep the brain healthier for longer.

    They stimulate cognitive ability and create bursts of intense focus, reinforcing the bond between cells to improve brain health and memory.

    Doing brainteasers is not guaranteed to reduce your risk of developing degenerative conditions, but they could help keep the brain in better shape.

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