Only those with a high IQ can spot the odd fish out in this tricky brainteaser

It’s into the deep blue with this puzzle that will really test your mental agility and seek out those with the keenest vision.

We’ve taken a dive into deep waters today for our brainteaser – and only those with a high IQ will be able to spot the odd fish out in seconds.

Visual tests or brainteasers – like this one – are one way that you can check how your mental and observational agility fares against others.

Puzzles are one of the best ways to stimulate the brain and give the mind some much-needed exercise. There are three different types of brainteasers: observational, analytical, and mathematical.

Mathematical brainteasers ask the user to solve a maths-based question as quickly as possible whilst analytical brainteasers come in the form of a riddle or word-based puzzle.

Today’s visual test shows a river teeming with an absolute array of fish in many colours – such as bass, trout and eel.

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Your mission today is to find the carp which is concealed and camouflaged in the depths of the riverbed.

Yellow fishing hooks attached to green string and a mass of seaweed adds to the confusion and difficulty of identifying the lone carp. Have you managed to locate it within 30 seconds?

If not, then don’t worry – we have a clue for you: the hidden fish is located towards the bottom right-hand side of the image.

Still not cracked it? Another clue for you…The carp is swimming between a trio of eels swimming in the same direction.

And for those fed up with trying you can see the answer to the visual riddle below.

Enjoy that? has a range of brainteasers and puzzles for you each day and they can all be found here.

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