Only those with eyes like a fighter jet pilot can spot all the hidden faces

Are you able to crack this tricky brainteaser and find all 11 hidden faces?

Brainteasers are a great way to push the brain to its limits and test one of the body’s most important organs. They can come in many different forms, they can be analytical, observational, or mathematical.

This brainteaser from Jagran Josh is a form of analytical brainteaser. In the image above there is a plain woodland scene, your task is to try and spot all the hidden 11 faces in the image in under 19 seconds.

If you can spot all 11 faces in a short space of time you might have eyes like a fighter jet pilot. According to Jagran Josh, if you can solve the brainteaser, you’ll be able to call yourself a “sharp focus master”.

Let us know in the comments below if you were able to solve the brainteaser in under the time limit.


    Did you solve the brainteaser? No worries if not, the answers can be found above. The faces are littered around the image and can be tricky to find.

    While brainteasers may seem like a harmless bit of fun on the morning commute or while sitting in a waiting room, they could have some benefits.

    They act like exercise for the mind, helping to keep it sharp. Some experts believe that brainteasers and other forms of brain puzzles could help reduce your chances of developing dementia in the long run.

    Dementia is one of the UK’s biggest health crises and according to one study, it could be spread between humans. Earlier this year, scientists announced Alzheimer’s had been passed to humans using hormones taken from corpses.

    Alzheimer’s had been passed when the patients were being treated with human growth hormone (HGH) that had been taken from corpses.

    Following the announcement, UCL’s Professor John Collinge said: “We are not suggesting for a moment you can catch Alzheimer’s disease. You can’t catch it by being a carer or living with a husband or wife with the disease.

    “The patients we have described were given a specific and long-discontinued medical treatment which involved injecting patients with material now known to have been contaminated with disease-related proteins.”

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