Only those with eyes like a hawk can spot six hidden items in seconds

Can you spot the six festive items in under 16 seconds? Test your lateral thinking skills with this puzzle.

It is said that only those with eyes like a hawk can find all six items in this Christmas image within 16 seconds. The puzzle requires players to spot a stocking, a nutcracker, Santa’s hat, a pie, a cracker and a robin as quickly as possible.

Created by Attic Self Storage, the brainteaser tests players’ lateral thinking skills and takes the average person about three and a half minutes to solve.

The picture depicts Santa’s workshop on the night before Christmas with elves scurrying around to get preparations done in time.

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, the CEO of Attic Self Storage, said: “The Christmas season is full of playing games and challenging friends and family, so we thought it would be great to offer our own head-scratcher.

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“Take a few minutes out of your own Christmas chaos to help Santa find his missing items in time for the big day.”

Those who have already played the brainteaser say it is much harder than it looks although not totally impossible.

One player said: “It’s trickier than it looks, a sneaky brainteaser.”

While another added: “A great way to get into the Christmas spirit.”

A fourth person revealed they were left in tears by one aspect of the puzzle, saying: “The pie made me cry, I couldn’t find it for ages.”

And for those who have managed to complete this puzzle, there are plenty more festive brainteasers to keep your mind in top shape. One is GCHQ’s “toughest-ever” Christmas challenge which has been put together by real spies, while another is this optical illusion which shows if you are too trusting or too ambitious.

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