Only those with high IQ can crack this brainteaser in 16s

Spot the cactus hidden among orchids, eucalyptus, fern, pothos, philodendron, and many more.

Brainteasers are puzzles or challenges crafted to stimulate the mind, typically demanding creative thinking, logical deduction, and lateral reasoning for resolution. They come in various forms, such as riddles, math problems, word puzzles, and visual illusions

Some brainteasers involve simple scenarios with hidden complexities, while others are more intricate and require multiple steps to reach a solution.

One such tricky brainteaser by Tombola challenges you to spot the camouflaged cactus among the number of plants.

In the image, a shop assistant wearing an apron can be seen standing at a till point, alongside two sleeping cats, inside of a florist.

It is believed that only those with a high IQ can solve this head-scratching brainteaser in 16 seconds.

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    So what are you waiting for? Set the timers on and start looking.

    Solving brainteasers can be both satisfying and fun, offering a mental workout and a sense of accomplishment when the solution is finally reached.

    They also encourage curiosity and a willingness to explore new perspectives, making them a valuable tool for exercising the mind.

    Did you spot the cactus yet? If not, we have marked the answer for you.

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