People are only just realising something really clever about their iPhone clock app

The iPhone clock app has shocked people who haven’t paid close attention to Apple’s years of innovation.

iPhone users are just realising something about their clock apps that has gone unnoticed by millions who have owned and used the devices for years.

Apple first came out with its flagship handset in 2007, and the firm has updated it on a nearly annual basis over the last 17 years.

Each year brings new core features, most of which are readily advertised as reasons to buy an all-new model.

But some of those go under the radar, as, with every active feature, several more idle or passive changes are introduced.

iPhone users have just tweaked one, which has left them looking very differently at their device clocks.

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Most people who use their phones – rather than a watch – to check the time, will glance at their screens.

Those who open the screen to the main menu will see their clock face app gazing out at them.

Unlike many years ago, the icon for that app is not just a static image, it is now a fully functional clock in its own right.

Not only does the face correspond to the time entered on people’s phone systems, but the hour, minute and second hands move in real time.

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Shocked iPhone owners make the realisation that the hands move almost as often as Apple releases new products.

Comedian and actor Nikki Glaser posted on X, then Twitter, and told her followers about the clock in 2014, telling them she wanted them “to know the second-hand moves on the clock icon”, adding: “Pretty sweet.”

In 2015, writer Ed Yong discovered the quirk and took to Twitter, where he said he “can’t stop watching [the clock]”.


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    X is crammed with similar posts from between 2014 and 2023 documenting people’s stunned reactions.

    Some were shocked to the point of expletives, with one woman saying in 2021: “Y’all, the f***ing iPhone clock app icon actually moves????”

    The iPhone clock icon is so reactive that it even responds to daylight savings, and the second the clocks go back or forward, it immediately adjusts the hour hand.

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