Spooky Nostradamus prediction foretold huge earthquake off the coast of Japan in 2024

A tsunami warning has been issued for vast areas of Japan’s western coast after a huge 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck on New Year’s Day.

French astrologer Nostradamus made the eerie prediction an earthquake would strike off the coast of Japan in 2024 as the country braces itself for tsunamis after a massive 7.6 magnitude quake hit. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported quakes off the coast of Ishikawa and nearby prefectures shortly after 4 pm on New Year’s Day, one of them with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6.

It issued a major tsunami warning for Ishikawa and lower-level tsunami warnings or advisories for the rest of the western coast of Japan’s main island of Honshu.

The warning read: “Very high waves are approaching the coasts. Evacuate immediately. Waves can hit repeatedly. Continue to evacuate until all warnings are lifted.”

Japanese public broadcaster NHK TV warned torrents of water could reach as high as 16.5 feet and urged people to flee to high land or the top of a nearby building as quickly as possible.

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Spookily despite there being almost no modern way to predict exactly when earthquakes will strike, Nostradamus is reported to have foretold a natural disaster in the region this year.

The astrologer, who died in 1566, has made a series of predictions about world events including some that have been interpreted to tell of the rise of Hitler and the September 11 attacks. 

Throughout his life, Nostradamus made 942 predictions for the future – penned in four-line verses called quadrants. According to 7 News for 2024, the Frenchman said there would be a “cataclysmic earthquake” which he pinpointed to occur off the coast of Japan “prompting a tsunami that will devastate homes and kill hundreds of people”.

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Other predictions made by the soothsayer appear to be connected to climate change with him writing “The dry Earth will become more parched and there will be great floods.”

He also warned of a “very great famine through pestiferous wave,” which could hint a tsunami could be on its way and threaten to wipe out crops.

The Daily Star reports he also predicted the death of Pope Francis in 2024. The leader of the Catholic Church will turn 88 next December, and the mystic believed next year could tragically be his last.


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