UFO Sighting: ‘747-sized alien craft’ spotted in Dubai

UFO hunters believe they have spotted an enormous alien craft hovering close to the Dubai coast.

Eagle-eyed alien life conspiracy theorists believe they have acquired video evidence of a UFO brazenly hovering over Earth. What appears as a classic ‘flying saucer’-shaped object is seen flying low in the sky close to the United Arab Emirates city.


    The bizarre footage was originally uploaded to YouTube by the UFO & Alien Santana channel, apparently shot by the wife of eyewitness Jovic Alamons.

    I looked for glitches and could find no evidence of manipulation in the video

    Scott Waring

    Self-proclaimed alien researcher Scott Waring believes the video shot in daylight really is proof of UFOs.

    Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily blog to speculate about the anomaly.

    He claimed: “Watching this video makes you wonder if its real or not, but the man’s reaction and how he and the woman are transfixed on recording the guy – all is normal.


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    “I looked for glitches and could find no evidence of manipulation in the video.

    “The UFO appears to be the size of a 747 jet and it is far away, about [one mile] 1.5km in the distance.

    “It’s sitting over the ocean off Dubai.”

    The so-called ET expert appears by the veracity of the dubious footage.

    He said: “The bottom of the craft is rotating one time every 1 second.

    “I just wish she continued recording so we can see how it moves.

    “A UFO’s movement really tells us a lot about it. It is real, no doubt about it.

    “Looks like this UFO just came out of the ocean and was ready to travel.”

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    Waring attempts to explain why this is. He said: “It has to wait for all the water to drip off the craft’s surface so it can travel through our atmosphere and into space safely.

    “Why? Because the water will boil on the surface of the ship and as they enter space.

    “If any water still exists on the surface it will unstably freeze, causing an unstable drop in heat on the skin of the craft.

    “This could cause hair line fractures in the spacecraft’s hull.

    “Looks like there is an alien base not far off the coast of Dubai.”

    There is, however, no evidence to support Waring’s claims.

    The object in the video is difficult to make out, but is most likely is a man-made object such as a plane, helicopter or weather balloon.

    This could explain the eccentric movements of the object.

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