UFO sighting: ‘Alien city’ discovered on Moon in NASA photo ‘100% proof we are not alone’

UFO hunters have been excitedly sharing an archive NASA Apollo mission photo purporting to show an “alien lunar base”.

The monochrome Moon image, which is the source of the extraterrestrial speculation, is publicly available from the NASA archives. The photo, apparently shot during one of the Apollo mission, which ran between 1961 to 1972, shows the looming lunar surface as a probe approaches or leaves. 


    Alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about his latest find.

    Mind-blowing and 100 percent proof of what I have been saying is true

    Scott Waring

    He said: “I found a structure in a NASA moon photo the other day and I decided to highlight it with yellow to make it more visible to others.

    “Then I saw another and then another. I held onto the photo for a few day, highlighting a new buildings every so often because my eyes need a break.

    “It takes a lot of focus and patience to see the things in the black and white photo correctly.



    • UFO sighting: ‘Alien anomaly’ spotted in NASA Apollo 11 archives

    “It is hard, even for me, that is why I highlighted the structures.”

    Some of the lunar patches picked out the UFO hunter he describes as “containers”.

    And another oddly shaped object sitting on the Moon’s pockmarked surface is categorised as a “spaceship”.

    One of the strangest – and apparently largest – of the sightings is identified by Waring as a “alien industrial complex”.

    He added: “There are some incredible structures I found here – about 40 but I did see many more, but the detail was so poor on these I decided to leave them alone.

    “There are some dark structures with I could not highlight because they are black.

    “Check out the alien ships at the top centre of the photo.”

    The dubious findings made by Waring as used to promote debunked claims NASA is engaged in covering-up the existence of alien life on the Moon and elsewhere.

    He said: “It is almost hard to believe humans still don’t know about these structures.”

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    The UFO hunter believes his latest controversial claim is the final proof needed about the existence of aliens.

    He said: “What does all this mean? It means we are not alone in the universe and never were.

    “It means there are intelligent species out there, but they are either keeping their distance or they are hiding themselves among us.

    “Mind-blowing and 100 percent proof of what I have been saying is true.

    He added to do this “for the sake of humanity and to teach others so we can spread and share this research”.

    However, sceptics and NASA would say the “alien city” and other similar findings are really simply the effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

    Waring’s UFO claims quickly attracted scores of comments on the etdatabase.com YouTube page.

    YouTube viewer X-15 wrote: “Very interesting luna surface anomaly descriptions you’ve made there Scott. And I agree with you.”

    And Arnoldskit appeared equally impressed by Waring’s suspect find, commenting: “Thanks scott for bringing all your findings to us and trying to open peoples eyes to just what is really there!”

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