Five charged after men ‘sexually abused girl, 12, every day for two years’

The men are reported to have threatened to kill the girl if she spoke out and then told police she was mentally ill when she bravely came forward in Suphan Buri, Thailand

    Five men have been charged after a 12-year-old girl reported that she had been sexually abused by different men every day for two years.

    The brave youngster told police the men had started the sexual abuse when she was just 10.

    The youngster from Suphan Buri, central Thailand, says they had threatened to kill her if she spoke out.

    The alleged sadistic abuse continued for more than two years before a female relative became concerned by her behaviour.

    Police arrested seven men and charged the five adults of the group with sexually assaulting a person under 13, committing indecency with a person under 15 and threatening to use force.

    The two others, who are under 18, were referred to social workers before court proceedings.

    Police in Thailand are investigating the alleged crimes

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    Police colonel Manoj Jitpakdde said: "Each one of the men sexually abused the girl.

    "It started two years ago and different men would do it every day.

    "They deny it but we will prosecute them."

    The shocking case emerged after the girl's aunt noticed that she often appeared to be absent-minded and when she was asked about her behaviour she would hurt herself.

    Eventually the girl broke her silence and was taken to hospital before she was spoken to by specialist social workers

    The medical result confirmed that the girl had been sexually assaulted and it was reported to the police.

    They allegedly told the girl she would be killed if she spoke out
    (Image: ViralPress)

    The five men charged are aged 51, 21, 32, 32, and 34.

    All five suspects allegedly threatened the girl after the attacks to prevent her from telling anyone.

    The police said that they could not yet charge the other two alleged offenders since they were under 18.

    Police colonel Manoj Jitpakdde said: "We need their statements from a social worker first before we can continue legal proceedings against them."

    The policeman added that all the alleged offenders who were arrested still denied their crime and the police ruled out granting them bail.

    He said: "We have interrogated the five men already and they all deny the crime and claim that the girl is mentally ill.

    Police colonel Manoj Jitpakdd said the men would be prosecuted
    (Image: ViralPress)

    "However, we have talked to the girl and we do not believe the girl is suffering from any mental illness.

    "The social workers also confirmed she is not mentally ill.

    "We believe the girl's case and will continue with the prosecution of the suspects.

    "We have ruled out bail for them as we are worried that they could threaten the witnesses."

    The girl's heartbroken sister said she was abandoned by the family when she was younger and had been staying with relatives, who had not noticed what was happening.

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    The sister added that she had been threatened by the alleged offenders' family.

    She said: "I felt so sorry for my sister for what she has been through and I feel ashamed that I could not protect her.

    "After the men were arrested, I was insulted and threatened by their family but we will not relent until they are punished."


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