UFO sighting: ‘Alien craft’ spotted in China – ‘definitely not a blimp or balloon’

UFO hunters have excitedly shared an amateur video of what some believe to be an alien craft over China.

The latest ‘UFO sighting’ arrives in the form of a shaky footage shot from a car showing an anomaly over a hilltop close to the city of Fujian, China. The controversial claim was made by well-known alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring, who said it appeared to be extraterrestrial in origin.


    He took to his etdatabase.com UFO blog to speculate about the sighting.

    That looks like a UFO, it’s a UFO!


    He said: “The eyewitnesses were driving along a road when they noticed a strange object hovering above the distant hill.

    “The man panics and says ‘that looks like a UFO, it’s a UFO!’

    “He proceeds to say it’s not a cloud, but hovering in place.”


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    Waring goes on to claim the anomaly hovered in position for half an hour.

    The man is also claimed to say the white object had what appeared to be wings.

    The unexplained object is ruled-out from being manmade by Waring, with the eyewitness reportedly saying it did not look like any balloon he had ever seen.

    He said: “Absolutely amazing video and this object in the sky is defiantly not a blimp or balloon.

    “This looks like an alien craft to me. But it could be a secret military craft.

    “If this is a military craft, then it is important to keep the eyewitness identity hidden.

    “China would seek revenge on them. But the way it is hovering over the hill, is as if it had just exited the hilltop.”

    Waring added why he decided to maintain the anonymity of the eyewitness.

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    He said: “China is reacting harshly the last few months, taking over Hong Kong, not allowing sharing on internet outside of China, so I don’t wish any harm to the witnesses over this video.

    UFO sceptics would, however, likely be unimpressed by the latest sighting.

    They would claim the anomaly is simply the effects of pareidolia.

    This is a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

    The highly controversial claims quickly garnered scores of comments on Waring’s YouTube channel.

    Latisha Wing appeared convinced by the video, writing: “It seems to me that aliens are trying to protect us.

    “For if they wanted to harm us they could and would’ve already.”

    However, fellow YouTube viewer Fidler71 offers a more prosaic explanation, commenting: “Its a plane lol”.

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