UFO sighting: Google Maps anomaly leaves alien expert gobsmacked – ‘Fleet of UFOs’

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring believes he found discovered conclusive proof of a “fleet of alien spacecraft” off the Greek coastline via Google Earth.

Famed UFO investigator Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about his bizarre alien craft claim. He said: “There is a fleet of UFOs off the coast of Greece which I found using Google Earth Map.”


    The alien life conspiracy theorist provides the exact Google Maps coordinates on his site: 40°27’2.58″N 22°51’46.24″E

    There is a fleet of UFOs off the coast of Greece which I found using Google Earth Map

    cott Waring

    Waring proceeds to estimates the size of first the strange spherical object by comparing it to a nearby house.

    He said: The smallest one is approximately 262ft (80m) across.

    “That is a huge UFO – almost the same size as an American football field.

    Waring next uses Google’s Time Machine function to work out when the purported UFO first arrived off the Greek coast.


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    He said: “The UFO seems to first appear way back in 2016.”

    However, it is only in the last two years that the aquatic entity becomes more visible from above.

    Waring then attempts to prove the monster UFO is only one of a small fleet that has attached itself to the Greek coastline.

    The self-styled ET expert scrolls south-east on Google Maps to another bay area, where a succession of similarly spherical shapes is seen to apparently line-up at surprisingly regular intervals.

    And he reveals the second batch of mystery objects are even bigger than the first sighting.

    He said: “These appear to be 640ft (196m) across – that is crazy.

    “These therefore must be alien motherships of some description.”

    Waring later adds how he has heard rumours about the existence of an alien base not far from Greece.

    He wrote: “The base is 3miles (5km) below the Rocca Pia Italian castle.

    “They call themselves the W56, one of many different alien species living there.

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    “The W56 have contacted humans on many occasions, over three decades of meetings with the aliens.

    “The base is huge, reportedly extending far out under the Mediterranean.

    “These UFOs look like they belong to these W56 aliens.”

    The UFO hunters outlandish claims quickly garnered scores of comments on his YouTube channel.

    Garys Aquatics queried: “Just wondering why nobody has went to investigate this if it’s been there since 2016.

    “You had no problem finding it so I’m sure the Greece government has to know about it.”

    However, many UFO enthusiasts appear unconvinced by Waring’s outrageous announcement.

    Therdlstrvld87 commented: “Just a guess, but I’ve seen stuff like this and I think they are man made reef’s … not sure but I’ve seen this before in Florida.”

    And YouTube viewer Monte Burrows appears to agree, adding: “Could possibly be those fish farm nets but guess we don’t know.”

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