UFO sighting: Video footage reveals a ‘cloaked triangle UFO’ over New Jersey

UFO hunters have shared bizarre video footage of a “giant triangle UFO” over New Jersey, sparking claims aliens are watching us from the skies.

The unidentified flying object or UFO was filmed over Winslow Township in central New Jersey, US, on May 31 this year. Video footage of the encounter shows three points of light in a triangular formation slowly passing through the night sky. According to prominent UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, the video could be evidence of aliens using cloaking technology to hide from our sight.


    Mr Waring shared the UFO sighting on his blog ET Data Base, branding it a “giant triangle UFO seen flying low over New Jersey neighbourhood”.

    He said: “Watch this video and you will see three glowing lights pass above the eyewitness.

    “The lights are in a triangle formation and could actually be one large craft.

    “The UFO is cloaked and only these lights are visible.


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    “The lights may be windows into the ship and aliens may be watching from above, or they may be part of the propulsion system. Either way, this is some remarkable footage.”

    The UFO video was also shared by the YouTube channel Ovni Vids.

    The video prompted a discussion about the UFO’s nature and origin, with some claiming it could be “the real deal”.

    One person said: “My daughter saw this exact same scenario over Scotland at 2am 29th May this year.

    “She said there was no sound coming from the craft.

    “I sent her this video and she said it was exactly the same.”

    A second person said: “Looks like a triangular craft no three separate lights.”

    Another person disagreed with the theory, saying: “Wrong. The distance between the lights changes, they move as they move.

    “One triangular shape at the beginning of the video and one different triangular shape in the end.

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    A fourth person said: “Can anyone tell me exactly where in NJ? This is the real deal?”

    However, not everyone was convinced by the sighting, with some viewers suggesting there are non-extraterrestrial explanations for the UFO.

    One person said: “If that’s UFOs, then I’m Elvis Presley. Lmaoo.

    “Slowest dam UFOs anyone’s ever seen! Lmaoo.”

    Another YouTube user suggested the lights were from a stealth dirigible or blimp flying used for espionage reasons.

    The person said: “Stealth blimp used to fly at high altitude and spy with high-resolution cameras.

    “Painted black or uses some other tech to make it hard to see especially at night.”

    Another person said: “Could be Chinese lanterns. The colour the way they flicker and they burn out at the end. Nothing is certain of course.”

    A third person suggested the lights were from three helicopters flying in formation.

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