‘We told my parents our house sale fell through to stop them coming round’

The social media user explained how the unusual expectations of the family members forced them to make this decision.

A couple who kept their house buy a secret from their families for two years to stop them from taking over have been rumbled by a chance picture.

They reached out for advice on social platform Reddit after their country house by the lake buy became known to their families who had been overly excited by the rural move, forcing the couple to backtrack on their revelation.

They decided to say the sale had fallen through and there would be “no house” because of the ludicrous expectation that their wider family would also be able to use the property at their leisure.

In a post the user explained how the couple always wanted to buy a country house as most of their relatives and family members reside in apartments. While their families were elated with the news, all of them began making their plans in the house, which left the couple flabbergasted.

The user wrote: “My mother immediately decided that she wanted to arrange a vegetable garden in the yard of this house. My husband’s sister said it would be a great place where she could take her children for the summer.

“My sister started fantasising about family picnics. My husband’s brother “joked” that it would be a good place to get drunk on weekends.

“We were both terrified. We didn’t want any of this. We wanted to have a place where we could feel truly at home. Where we can rest. Where we can arrange everything to your taste. Where there will be peace and quiet, and no family squabbles. Where we can raise our future children.

“In the end, we decided to tell them that the deal had fallen through and there would be no house. After all, it’s not even their business. We were the only ones buying the house, and it has nothing to do with them. We didn’t have to tell them. We only told the truth to our best friends, whom we were sure would not spoil anything. The house is really beautiful, and my friends and I often go there on weekends.”

However, the family members were left fuming after they found out about the house two years later. The social media user continued: “Well, two years have passed and my sister found out about the house by accident because one of my friends posted a photo from there.

“Now our families are furious and call us greedy. Many of the relatives don’t want to talk to us until we give them the address (my mom even asked for spare keys). This is exactly the hype that we tried so hard to avoid. I don’t think we’re a*******, but my husband is starting to hesitate about what we should have done, so outside advice can help us.”

The post has racked up over 650 comments with everybody turning to the couple’s side.

One person commented: “If your relatives don’t wanna talk to you until you give them access to the house, I think that’s one problem solved. Don’t give them access, they don’t talk to you. And that’s that.

“No spare key for your mother. Send them links to lakeside airbnbs. If they want to spend time at the lake, at a house, they don’t own, they should look into airbnbs. Keep your house to yourself.

“Stand firm, OP. Think of all the plans they made for a house that’s not theirs. Then look at the beautiful home you’ve created and picture it being ruined by greedy and entitled relatives. That should strengthen your resolve to keep them at arm’s length.”

A second user said: “If they ask for the address or a spare key, tell them ‘That is exactly why we didn’t tell you. This is our house. And you try to make it your safe party zone. No. And only if you can accept our boundaries and that this is OUR home and not anything for you, you will not be invited or told anything more.’

“Would also install cameras there. If they found a photo on social media, they might get the address via Google Street View or an old advertisement of the house – and then just think they could just drop by.”

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