Woman finds valuable item worth hundreds dumped inside bin

A woman is hailing her good fortune after putting her bin out and finding a valuable item inside of it – a Le Creuset casserole pot worth £300.

A lucky lady was over the moon after coincidentally placing her rubbish in the bin and discovering a treasure within.

The item in question was a Le Creuset casserole dish, valued at a whopping £300. Elated, she quickly took to social media to flaunt her unexpected find, posting a picture with the caption: “I just took the trash out and found this in my dumpster.”

The French-manufactured pots, known for their high quality and durability, are available in various colours, with this one in particular – ‘Flame’ – a popular choice in America.

Following her initial post, she uploaded a video update showing the grubby inside of the pot, which she then scrubbed with a scouring pad until it looked practically new.

Her feed was soon buzzing as internet users piled in to express their astonishment at her find. “I have that same one,” replied one woman on X (formerly Twitter). “Who on Earth would throw that out?!”

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I just took the trash out and found this in my dumpster pic.twitter.com/Z1ZEtaivLD

— Annie Shields (@anastasiakeeley) June 20, 2024

In a lighter vein, someone else quipped: “The most middle class flytipping ever!” Another chimed in: “And they say there are no ‘free chickens’ running around in the street! Congrats, that thing looks like it’s in incredible condition.”

While a fourth person recounted: “Reminds me of some of the things I’ve found at garage sales, someone gets married and relatives shower them w/expensive cookware.

“But nobody in the house can handle anything beyond microwaving a TV dinner. So, the expensive hardware sits gathering dust for a few years, then ends out dumped for pennies on the dollar, or chucked into the trash.”

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    The renowned Cast Iron Round Casserole, priced at a substantial £300, may appear to be an extravagant purchase for a pot. However, its design ensures longevity, meaning it should be a one-time investment.

    The robust and high-quality cast iron material will absorb flavours over time, thereby enriching your culinary creations with each use.

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