Woman realises what her ‘moving coffee beans’ really are

A woman was horrified after opening a cupboard at work to find it covered in what she thought was spilled coffee beans – but then they started moving

A woman was left horrified after finding hundreds of unwanted guests in her workplace coffee cupboard.

The shocking revelation came as she went to make a coffee, only to find the break room cupboard filled with what she initially assumed was spilled coffee beans.

The Reddit user, Echowolfe88, shared photos showing the cupboard’s doors and shelves smeared with what looks like dirt, but upon closer inspection turned out to be swarms of ants.

Ants had seemingly invaded the cupboard over the weekend, as the poster noted it was clean the previous Friday (May 10). They posted: “The ant situation we found at work when we went to make a coffee.”

Images uploaded to Reddit depict a nightmare scenario, with ants crawling over cups, coffee and containers. Close-up shots reveal the extent of the problem, including shelves overwhelmed by ants and what appears to be eggs.

The ant situation we found at work when we went to make coffee
byu/Echowolfe88 inWellthatsucks

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The post left Reddit users aghast, with one admitting they thought the ants were “coffee grounds at first”.

The poster themselves revealed they also thought it was coffee beans “before it all started moving”, while other commenters expressed their disgust and offered extreme solutions to tackle the ant invasion.

Humourously, one person commented: “Guess the next order of things logically is to get a super cute office pet, like an anteater. Maybe a flock of them.”

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    Another Redditor chimed in revealing just one anteater should do, saying: “Anteaters can eat up to 30,000 ants in a day and most ant colonies consist of 20,000-100,000 ants. I doubt this is a fully healthy colony so it’s probably in the lower end, so 1 anteater probably deals with this issue in 1 day.”

    Finding the source of the ants proved tricky but a pest controller was called out the same day the discovery was made. Reddit users speculated on the origins of the infestation, with the original poster believing “their nest under the building flooded”. Other users wondering whether coffee was still on the cards after the discovery were relieved to hear the team decided to head out for coffee as it was “safer”.

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