Woman uninvites best friend from wedding after she makes horrific joke

The woman said that her best friend’s joke was so bad that her fiancé also became uncomfortable.

A woman uninvited her best friend from her wedding after she made a horrific joke. Writing on Reddit, one user described how her best friend Izzy kept joking about how she dated the woman’s fiancé Jake first.

They said that while the joke was funny at first, Izzy’s persistent reminders that she had previously dated the woman’s future husband began to grate.

Eventually, the woman said she decided it was best to uninvite her best friend from her wedding and asked Reddit if she had done the right thing.

Underneath her post, the woman was inundated with waves of support as fellow users told her that she was in the right.

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The woman explained: “Izzy (27F) and I (26F) have been friends since we were born. We were practically raised together. We were closer in college, but after that, we drifted apart a little but I still had a strong bond with her up until recently. She has been there for me a lot and I have too so it’s tough.

“After college, when Izzy was like 23, she went on a few dates with Jake (my fiancé) but then told him she wasn’t interested in anything serious.”

On her relationship with Jake, she said: “We quickly became good friends. I used to talk about him to Izzy a lot, but it was when I showed her his picture that she recognised him and told me about her dates with him.

“Friendships were more important to me than any guy back then so I asked her if it was okay to date him because I liked him a lot. She said she had no problem and joked about it ever turning into a relationship, which I took as a joke.”

The woman said that she and Jake “became serious very quickly… he is my soulmate”. She added that at the same time, she had “lost touch” with Izzy.

She added that Izzy’s behaviour began to change after she accepted Jake’s marriage proposal. She said: “Right until I got engaged, she used to still joke to both me and Jake that she didn’t think we would be this into each other, and at that time I saw it as funny because Jake is the opposite of me.

“After I got engaged, she became very weird. She was very shocked, and would not believe it. Then later she used to tell me I was too young to be married and if I was sure, but I saw this as just a concern.

“Although she agreed to be my Maid of Honour along with my sister. Afterwards, I posted on my Instagram about our engagement and people were reposting it and congratulating us. But Izzy just captioned it saying ‘you better mention me in your vows because he was into me first haha’.”

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Even after the woman revealed to Izzy that Jake also felt uncomfortable, she continued regardless and told all their friends about it. She explained that it had become too much and she told Izzy not to attend her wedding.

In response to the post, the woman was inundated with a tidal wave of support. One user commented: “I think that she loses any right to claim it was “just a joke” when you’ve expressed that it makes you uncomfortable and asked her to stop. You have every right to enforce your boundaries, even if that means ending a long friendship.”

A second user said: “A joke is only a joke if it lands right. You’ve both made it clear it makes it uncomfortable and she still keeps it up. That’s not a joke. That’s someone being petty and purposely making you uncomfortable.”

A third claimed: “Kick her out and leave her out for good. She is jealous and insecure. She sees what you have and either wishes she had stayed with him, or wishes she found someone too. It’s disgusting the way she’s making your special day all about her.”

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