Wordle players raging after realising reason puzzle had them stumped

Wordle fans in the UK have been left fuming as they struggled to work out the answer to a puzzle this week – and the reason has left them fuming.

Brits were left baffled by a Wordle answer, with many claiming it took them more attempts than usual to crack the code.

Wordle, which became a global phenomenon in 2021, amassed two million daily players within just 10 months of its launch. The game tasks participants with guessing a five-letter word, which is the same for all players and changes every 24 hours.

Despite being created by Welshman Josh Wardle, the game primarily uses American spellings and US vocabulary, explaining why Brits may occasionally find themselves puzzled over the answer.

The rules are simple: players have six attempts to guess the correct word. Wordle uses a colour-coded feedback system to guide players toward the right answer by indicating whether letters are correctly positioned or not.

For example, a green box signifies that a letter is both correct and in the right place. A yellow box means the letter is correct but in the wrong position, while a grey box shows the letter isn’t in the word at all.

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For those looking for an extra challenge, the game offers a ‘hard mode’ which encourages players to make use of the hints provided rather than making random guesses.

One disgruntled X (formerly Twitter) user was left vexed after discovering yesterday’s Wordle answer defaulted to American English, specifically with the word ‘Savor’. He mused: “When you’ve been stuck on the fourth line of wordle for half an hour then remember that Americans don’t spell properly.”


    Prompting a flurry of comments, one respondent queried: “Was it missing ‘u’? ” while another lamented: “Got it in six for this precise reason.”

    Another user chimed in saying: “Have you tried the New York Times game Connections? Also, a challenge for many of us Brits as many of the words are only used in the USA.”

    One more user said: “We have a family Wordle group. My dad gave the rest of us a heads up with his rage at it being a US spelling – allowing us to get it in two or three.”

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