You have eyes like a hawk if you can spot the hidden animal

The new puzzle tests your observation skills and also analyses your personality.

This new brainteaser will reveal whether players have eyes like a hawk – if they can spot the hidden animal in the picture within 13 seconds.

The new puzzle created by Bright Side tests players’ observation skills and also analyses their personality, with creators saying those who see birds, trees and huts in this image “value traditions and prefer a simple and peaceful style of life”.

But those who spot the hidden elephant are “respectful to others, loyal to your friends, and a great listener” according to Bright Side.

Before scrolling down – test it out using the picture above…

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The trick to finding the elephant is to look for the largely negative space rather than what is drawn in detail. The trunk starts at the left of the image, with two of the birds flying creating the shape of the eye and ear and the feet are cleverly masked in the fences between the huts.

Some commenters said that they could not find the elephant at first.

One said: “Who saw an elephant instead of a village with huts? Let’s be honest nobody saw the elephant.”

While another added: “I see the elephant but it takes me 15 mins to see, not gonna lie, it’s hard.”

This brain puzzle is an example of an observational brainteaser, one of three main types of brainteasers. Observational brainteasers are complex graphics and images that ask users to spot an anomaly within.

The two other most common types of brainteasers are analytical and mathematical brainteasers.

Analytical brainteasers very often pose a written riddle or puzzle which the user has to solve as quickly as possible. Mathematical brainteasers on the other hand take the form of complex maths-based questions.

No matter what form brainteasers take, they are a great way to stimulate the mind and give the brain a workout.

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