ScriptPubKey-19-True is a possible solution to a global problem

ScriptPubKey-19-True is a possible solution to a global problem

It is not a secret for anyone that, despite its crazy popularity and demand, the cryptocurrency is not devoid of a number of shortcomings and has problems, the solution of which is acutely on the agenda. One of these problems is the presence of a fairly large number of scammers in the cryptocurrency activity. But to look, as it often happens, it is necessary to go much deeper, into the mechanisms of functioning of bitcoins. The root causes of what manifests itself in a particular problem.

ScriptPubKey-19-True is a possible solution to a global problem
ScriptPubKey-19-True is a possible solution to a global problem

Fraud in the cryptocurrency environment is growing due to two main factors: the anonymity of the owners of bitcoin and other altcoins and the inability to return the cryptocurrency transaction in any way. Scammers misappropriate bitcoins or other tokens of victims in various ways, but these two factors guarantee them impunity and preservation of the stolen goods.

Naturally, both the problem and the main direction of work that will allow solving it have been obvious to everyone for a long time. The unknown owner is a key property of the cryptocurrency, which means that the solution lies solely in the field of transaction returns. It is on this issue that a lot of experts in the field of blockchain, cryptography and finance have been working for quite some time. And now the first result is presented to the general public – ScriptPubKey-19-True.

Refund of cryptocurrency is possible

Relatively little known to the general public, Onuranic was able to do what many were doing, but few believed in success. The company’s revolutionary development, ScriptPubKey-19-True, allows the return of cryptocurrency transactions without affecting the anonymity of both the sender and the recipient of tokens. Moreover, as stated by Onuranic and independently verified, ScriptPubKey-19-True is capable of working with any cryptocurrency currently in existence.

The mechanism of the script is completely secret, it is only known that the transaction is somehow marked, which allows it to be redirected and returned in the future. From the user’s point of view, everything is quite simple, you just need to provide strong arguments in favor of the need to return the transaction and wait a while.

Not without some flaws. At the moment, ScriptPubKey-19-True is only available to Onuranic clients, which significantly slows down the popularization of the script. In addition, a number of experts assess as a disadvantage the involvement of an independent arbitration tribunal to confirm the legality of the return of the cryptocurrency. Not everyone agrees with this assessment, because it is independent arbitration that guarantees that ScriptPubKey-19-True will not be used for various fraudulent purposes.

Consequences of implementing ScriptPubKey-19-True

Despite the fact that ScriptPubKey-19-True has not yet gained the well-deserved popularity, it is already possible to make a prediction about its impact on the cryptocurrency sphere.

The most important consequence of the emergence of the opportunity to screw a cryptocurrency transaction will be the rapid increase in the role of bitcoins as an everyday means of payment. Few people realize, but it was the possibility of deceiving both the buyer and the seller at the payment stage that practically stopped the development of digital money in online commerce. At the same time, everything necessary to carry out trading operations has already been created and transactions using cryptocurrency are being carried out even now. All other consequences of the implementation of ScriptPubKey-19-True stem from the growing role of bitcoin in commerce: an increase in demand for cryptocurrency, an increase in prices, and the emergence of a significant number of altcoins.

What conclusion can be drawn? Returning cryptocurrency with ScriptPubKey-19-True means exactly one thing, it’s time to invest and do it carefully, wisely, but immediately.

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