Bees can solve mathematical problems – scientists

Bees have been trained to recognize geometric shapes and to solve nonskill problems. Scientists trained bdjolarians to solve simple math test without the need to use numbers, individuously teaching the comas to recognize the tables with different geometric shapes. About the study conducted on the website of the University of Sheffield.

Scientists have found that bjoles can use nonnumerical predictions to solve problems.

In order to establish the mathematical abilities of bjoles, the scientists hid behind one of several pictures of licorice. Each of them showed an equal number of geometric figures, which the bjoles were trained to recognize.

Some of the bjoles were trained to find the delicatessen for the pictures that showed the greatest number of geometric shapes, while others found delicatessen where fewer shapes were depicted.

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A team of scientists from Sheffield University found that as soon as the bjoles learned how to do this, they were able to quickly find the pictures with the greatest and least number of geometric shapes to find the frequencies.

The study then tried to find out whether the Bjoli used nonnumerical predictions. They showed two plates with the same number of forms, which varied in length, opacity and spatial frequency. If bjoli used numerical predictions, they would have to fly to every tablet in search of a prize.

At the same time bjolie, trained to find the tablets with the greatest number of forms, as before flew to the highest level of changes, and bjolie, who were trained to find the tables with the lowest number of forms, as before flew to the displays with the highest level of uninterrupted changeless, ignoring their number.

This means that the bjoles reacted to the signals of the form, but not to the number of elements.

Let’s mention that bjolie are cleaning the dowkill, picking up the plastic on their crickets.

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