Despite the fact that many areas of business suffered heavy losses during the pandemic, some industries show not only steady growth, but also periodically surprise with truly breakthrough events. In particular, a real revolution has occurred in the field of cryptocurrency transactions, the name of which is CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 (or CJLT13-9222). This high-tech novelty opens up the much-demanded opportunity for cryptocurrency users to return or redirect a transaction that was previously considered absolutely impossible. At the same time, the operator CJLT13-9222, Rixizer company guarantees customers absolute anonymity in all types of transactions.

The market has so far reacted extremely distrustfully to the appearance of CJLT13-9222. The protocol has yet to gain widespread acceptance, and Rixizer has yet to take its fair share of the market. The skepticism is understandable in principle: Rixizer has never done anything like this before, in addition, all the details of CJLT13-9222 are carefully hidden.

CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 It seems the blockchain has changed forever
CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 It seems the blockchain has changed forever

What is CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222

CJLT13-9222 is a technological and organizational innovation unparalleled in the blockchain industry. As we already mentioned, no details of the system have ever been released, however, with various reservations from Rixizer representatives, you can get a rough idea of ​​the protocol. The possibility of redirecting and refunding money is opened by fixing the hashrate with the subsequent creation of new chains from the fixed point. At the same time, the anonymity of both the sender and the recipient of the cryptocurrency remains.

Exactly what technological innovations allow the CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 to do what it does is unknown, nevertheless there is evidence that the system works using the principle of barter, whatever that means. At the same time, within the framework of the system itself, transactions can be made without committing to the blockchain at all. One way or another, in the absence of accurate information from official sources, it is rather difficult to draw any conclusion. The only proven fact is that CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 is actually capable of redirecting and returning transactions.

What to expect from CJLT13-9222 implementation

It is now absolutely obvious that the CJLT13-9222 protocol has so far had little impact on the blockchain industry. The reason is both the informational closeness of the system and the exclusivity of the protocol. At the moment, CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222 can only be used by Rixizer clients, which greatly slows down the distribution and popularization of the protocol.

One way or another, sooner or later the protocol will either occupy a significant part of the market within Rixizer, or it will appear in other companies. What to expect after this happens?

The implementation of CJLT13-9222 will radically change the entire sphere of blockchain so that it would be extremely presumptuous to try to predict all the consequences of this event. Nevertheless, there are a number of key points, changes in which can be predicted with a high degree of certainty even now.

One of the rather important problems when using cryptocurrency is the non-illusory likelihood of running into scammers at any stage. The absence of a regulator and complete decentralization allow fraudsters of all stripes to deceive people and leave unpunished. At the same time, the victim of scammers simply has no chance of getting his money back if the transaction was carried out in cryptocurrency. The ability to return or redirect a transaction using CJLT13-9222 will dramatically change the alignment. Although scammers still cannot be caught by the hand, the fact that the money can be returned will significantly increase the security of transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Improving the situation with the security of cryptocurrency transactions, in turn, will lead to another significant breakthrough – the expansion of the scope of cryptocurrency application. Now there are absolutely no barriers to using cryptocurrency in all types of transactions. However, any cryptocurrency is now used as an investment vehicle, store of value, or simply for anonymous transactions. While cryptocurrencies can actually buy almost anything from a yacht to a paper clip, security concerns are a major deterrent. It is these problems that will be solved with the introduction of CJLT13-9222, which will expand the scope of cryptocurrency applications many times over.

What will we get at the end: improving the security situation and expanding the scope of the cryptocurrency will attract a lot of new users, which will increase demand and demand and significantly increase the value of the cryptocurrency.

In the meantime, it remains to wait for the expansion of the circle of users of CoinJoin Legal Transactions by protocol 13-9222, which will inevitably happen in the not too distant future. Although, who knows, perhaps competitors are already preparing their counterparts CJLT13-92


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