Earth began to gain speed and the day is no longer 24 hours

The planet Earth began to gain speed and makes rotation around its axis faster and faster. This indicator has been changing constantly for many thousands of years. However, scientists claim that recently the change in speed has become more noticeable.

This is stated in an article on the website of Science Focus.

The duration of a complete revolution of the Earth around its axis is constantly changing. The planet uses a constant value – 24 hours. But in fact, the real figure has long been different.

More than 600 million years ago, a day on Earth was only 21 hours. The speed of the Earth’s rotation around its axis slows down by 1.8 milliseconds every 100 years. This is caused by the gravitational effects of the Sun and the Moon.

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And recently, scientists discovered that the Earth began to make a complete revolution around its axis in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. And the speed began to increase – now the Earth is rotating faster than in the last 50 years. What exactly caused such an effect – scientists can’t answer.

Perhaps it has to do with the speed of melting glaciers. Global warming has led to the fact that experts are already sounding the alarm – glaciers may disappear altogether. And the water from them travels to the equator because of the rotation of the planet and it can affect the speed of the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

Also could affect: seismic activity, weather, changing water levels in the oceans and the Earth’s magnetic field.

However, mankind has nothing to worry about – the inhabitants of the planet will not be affected and the duration of the day will not change. It will take millennia for the inhabitants of the planet to feel these changes. The change in the time of rotation of the Earth may affect only high-precision devices.

In addition, scientists are confident that this process will not last long and soon the Earth will begin to slow down again.

Recall, earlier we wrote about the fact that scientists have found rapid changes in the ice of the Arctic.

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