The research institute said that cats and dogs can be sick COVID-19

Cats and dogs can be infected with coronavirus infection COVID-19, it is better for sick people to limit contacts with animals. This was stated by the director of the A. A. Smorodintsev influenza research institute of the Ministry of Health of Russia Dmitry Liozdov.
“Cats and dogs can become infected and get a new coronavirus infection,” RIA Novosti quoted a specialist as saying.

According to him, the data available to date show that these animals carry COVID-19 asymptomatically or in easy form.

At the same time, Liozdov noted that “the parrot will definitely not become infected.”

“If there is a sick person in the family, then it is necessary to limit his contacts with animals,” he added.

Earlier, the director of the Hamalei center, Alexander Ginzburg, admitted that coronavirus infection will become natural-focal and switch to pets.

In the summer, it became known about the development in Russia of a vaccine against COVID-19 intended for animals.

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