Why are dogs so attached to humans ?


Dogs can love their owners in the same way that a mother loves her child. The relationship between them can be very sincere. For many years, they have been human friends.

A dog’s heart

The first mention of dogs goes back centuries. Approximately 15 thousand years ago. Wolves clung to people, and so modern dogs appeared. People started breeding and training them. Thereby taming more and more. At the moment, there are already more dogs than real wolves. Dogs have a very sincere love. As well as the ability to love in a way that no one loves.


People have done a lot of research to find out what is the reason for such a dog’s attachment. One of them showed that when a dog hears even just the voice of his master, he gets a hormone of happiness. And he also feels the same emotion as a person when he likes someone. They are very social, therefore they are attracted to people.

Some scientists believe that their benevolence is born with them. That is, roughly speaking, dogs are already born with the desire to love everyone. There are no angry dogs. Their anger is just a fear of people. There are such unpleasant emotions in connection with the difficult experience of life.

What is the reason for kindness ?

Initially, people tamed only the calmer and kinder ancestors of dogs. So their goodwill partially went from there. Four-legged friends show their kindness not only to people. They treat other animals well, too. Especially if they grow up together. Thus, their relationship will be good even with cats. The proof of this is that the dogs who lived with livestock. In particular with sheep, treated them well too. And even helped their owners to graze them. Love for other species can also develop gradually. For example, if the puppy will grow up with them. In this case, he will even protect these animals. And treats them as his own.

They have an abnormal willingness to form strong relationships with almost any creature that gets in their way. And they maintain this relationship throughout their lives. In addition to all this, they have the willingness and desire to communicate with strangers.

It is not known exactly when this love for other beings developed. Perhaps this happened after the ancient wolves began to communicate with people. Probably, it was about 8 thousand years ago. When people began to live in settlements and engage in farming. Simultaneously breeding friendly dogs. Further DNA studies will prove how true this is.

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