Why are flamingos pink ?

Why are flamingos pink?

Flamingos is a beautiful bright bird, the color of which is remembered the most

Flamingos like to stand on one leg and they often become an object of people’s attention. But most of all they are attracted and interested in their color. Even legends are associated with their unusual appearance.

In nature not only flamingos are one of the most beautiful birds and not only flamingos have pink or bright colors. Some birds are already born like this. While still chicks already have unusual feathers. With flamingos in a different way. The chicks are born and live up to a certain age with the usual gray color.

Flamingos in their natural habitat

All flamingos live in shallow and salty lakes where fish are not found. The main secret of their unusual color is their nutrition and in their place of residence. Since the climate and the availability of a variety of food in the water depend on it.

What does the color of the plumage depend on?

The color of the most beautiful birds in the world directly depends on how they feed. Flamingos can be of different colors. For example, pink orange and even white. Flamingos use their beak to feed on algae and crustaceans. Fat is deposited in the feathers, which already carries an enzyme of pink or orange pigment. Thus, a multi- colored color is formed. For example, if a bird eats shrimp.

Flamingos that feed mainly on algae of a brighter color than birds that feed on small prey.

When birds live in humans, they are fed a special diet that includes shrimp or additives. Especially so that they would be brighter in color. Without this they would be white or a little pink. This is done so that they would acquire a more presentable appearance.

At the beginning of their life, flamingos are usually gray and unattractive. But in the future it will change depending on the diet.

Nutrition affects not only the color of their feathers but also their legs and beak.

Caratinoids in human food

People also quite often eat caratinoids which in flamingos affect the color of the plumage. For example, beta-carotene in carrots or lycopene in watermelons. However people do not consume them enough that it could affect the color of their skin.

The most beautiful birds of this species are considered to be pink or orange. But as already mentioned they are not born like this. The feathers acquire this color during the growth of the bird.

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