At first glance, crystal and glass glasses are not easy to distinguish. However, glass and crystal are completely different materials. They are made from different stones and using different manufacturing techniques. In terms of price, crystal is more expensive than glаss. Not only that, even after some crystal items go out of fashion, they pass into the category of antiques, and their value may increase over the years. Glassware, no matter how good it is, is of no value to collectors.

Nevertheless, both crystal glassware and glassware have remained popular among buyers for centuries. However, some glassware based on natural materials is extraordinarily beautiful and has an aesthetic value. Knowing the basic differences between crystal and glass, you can buy crystal glasses without doubting their authenticity. If you need a reliable place to buy crystal or luxury dining sets – we suggest you click on the link:

Glass or crystal: which utensils to choose?
Glass or crystal: which utensils to choose?

Crystal and Glаss – the Difference

How to distinguish between crystal and glass? So, crystal is a natural quartz (a crystalline substance). Glass is a synthetic material. Here is the first sign of the difference. Take a closer look at the glass goblets and you can see air bubbles (such bubbles exist also on crystal glass tableware from the Soviet Union), while crystal glasses made of rock crystal do not and cannot have them. If you look at an object through a glass beaker, the object will be magnified and the crystal will visually divide it, but its size will remain the same. An important “sign” of crystal is to remain cold for a long time in the hands. The drink in a crystal glаss is not heated by your hand and opens the bouquet of all its flavors.

There are many poems about the ringing of crystal glasses. Glаss will not make a long tinkle. Sadly, a broken crystal glass will shatter (although it’s not easy to break crystal), but a glаss goblet will break into large pieces. 

Why crystal is more expensive than glаss

Over time, glassware becomes cloudy, while crystal glassware shines and is not subject to minor mechanical effects. Of course, if you follow the simple rules of crystal care. For example, it is not recommended to wash crystal in hot water. It can clouding! But crystal glassware can be immersed even in the dishwasher. This innovative material has combined all the best qualities of crystal and glаss. The technology of glass production is very complicated. Traces of the intermediate stages of melting, liquid and viscous substance in the form of lines (scrolls) can be seen on the glаss when looking through the light


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