How easy it is to diversify the interior

From time to time each of us wants to diversify our life and change something in it. The interior of a house or apartment is no exception. Even the most stylish design can get boring. To freshen it up, you should not immediately resort to radical measures and make repairs. Sometimes it is enough to buy a new rug or sofa cushions. We will tell you about simple and inexpensive ways to breathe new life into every room of your home!

How easy it is to diversify the interior
How easy it is to diversify the interior


You don’t have to buy a new bed to update your bedroom. It’s enough to make another bedspread or decorate your bed with a pillow with an original print.

And if this is not enough for you, experiment with curtains. To diversify the interior, play with colors: for example, choose curtains of contrasting colors. But owners of small dimensions should arm themselves with another tip: the room will seem larger if the curtains you choose a light, airy fabric. And the image of absolutely any bedroom will complete a vase with fresh flowers.


Do you sit at your desk for hours, and the inspiration still does not come? Design your own moodboard, or visualization board, or even ukok sticker. Take a big sheet of heavy paper or cardboard, stick pictures of your loved ones, clippings, favorite quotes, sketches, good ideas, anything that puts you in a good mood and boosts your energy every day. This moodboard will inspire you and give your office a unique style.

Living room

Paste part of the wall with a photo wallpaper or hang a large painting or poster in a prominent place. A splash of color will draw attention away from the room and make it a talking point. Your guests will be more interested in the picture, not the peeling plaster on the ceiling or the worn-out couch.

A similar effect can be achieved with the help of a mirror, especially if it is set in an unusual frame. In addition, any mirror will visually increase the space of the living room.

Children’s room

New cushions with bright prints – a proven way to update the interior. And you can also buy plaids and floor poufs, because they are ideal for family gatherings with board games and watching your favorite movies!


To update your bathroom, you just need to hang a new curtain, replace the rug and towel hooks! And to give the bathroom a country hotel style and pleasant aroma, put a wicker basket or a small vase with a potpourri – a mixture of spicy herbs and flowers.


If you’re tired of your old refrigerator, and spending on a new Smeg is not planned, you’ll have to engage your imagination. Get some masking tape or self adhesive coloured paper from an art store and after half an hour you won’t be able to take your eyes off your “new” old fridge!

Also try replacing the fittings on the cabinets – you’ll be surprised at how much the kitchen’s look will change. For the better.

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