Brit tourist tests positive for coronavirus at Lanzarote hotel with husband ‘unwell’

The woman is now in quarantine after becoming the first UK holidaymaker in Spain to test positive since the country opened its borders to tourists again on June 21

    The Brit tourist was holidaying in the Canary Islands when she tested positive (Image: Getty Images/LOOK)

    A British woman is at the centre of a coronavirus panic in Lanzarote after testing positive following her arrival from the UK.

    Nine other people in contact with her have been tested, while the tourist's husband is also said to be feeling unwell.

    Health chiefs in the Canary Islands confirmed the woman tested positive for COVID-19 and is now in quarantine.

    The nine other people she had contact with also had to undergo a coronavirus test but all proved negative.

    The Brit is the first holidaymaker from the UK to test positive in Lanzarote since Spain opened its borders on June 21.

    The tourist was in Lanzarote with her husband [file picture]
    (Image: Getty Images)

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    It was actually the woman's husband who felt unwell on arrival at their hotel and had a fever, however two tests for coronavirus proved negative.

    The woman was routinely tested and despite having no symptoms of ill-health whatsoever was confirmed to have coronavirus.

    The island's health department said the coronavirus protocols had been activated at reception on the couple's arrival so they had minimum contact with other people.

    A specialist team immediately went into action to trace all contacts, including staff.

    The health department hasn't specified where the woman is in quarantine or if her husband is with her or if the nine others also have to self-isolate.

    Lanzarote currently has eleven active cases of coronavirus: the British tourist, a resident who came from Mexico and went to the José Molina Orosa Hospital Emergency Department with symptoms and nine migrants who arrived on the island in a tiny boat.

    Spain is facing a rising tide of coronavirus cases with more than 1,000 new infections per day for several days running.

    The Canary Islands has just 11 active cases of coronavirus, local officials say
    (Image: Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RF)

    The country was badly affected by the first wave with more than 28,000 people in the country having died.

    Brits could reportedly face quarantining on their return from Spain soon, with the Sun reporting how the government is considering removing it from the 'safe' travel list over the rise in cases.


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