UFO sighting: ’50 mile’ structure on the Moon is ‘absolute proof of alien life’ – claim

UFO hunters are convinced they have found evidence of alien-built structures on the Moon, photographed by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

Self-titled UFO experts analysing official NASA photographs claim to have found an anomaly in one of the Moon’s craters. Photos shared on the blog ET Data Base supposedly show an artificial structure with a “cockpit area” and “three small arms”. The photos were snapped by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been photographing the Moon since 2009.


    Scott C Waring, a prominent conspiracy theorist who runs the UFO sighting blog, believes the NASA photos are the real deal.

    Mr Waring said: “Here is something that may be hard to see for some people.

    “I believe about 25 percent may not see what is there.

    “Our eyes need time to get used to black and white, so if you cant see the structure in the crater, don’t worry, come back tomorrow and try again.”


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    Mr Waring said the lunar crater is about 50 miles across.

    He is also certain it is definitive proof extraterrestrials are alive and well on the Moon.

    He said: “There is a long black structure in this crater.

    “The top has a huge black window cockpit area.

    “There are three small arms coming out of the back of the craft.

    “It looks like the arms are anchoring onto the side of the crater.

    “Absolute proof of alien life on our Moon.

    “It always seems impossible until it’s been done. So… there you go.”

    Mr Waring frequently shares photos of the Moon and Mars that he believes show evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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    In most cases, the photos only show odd rock formations and other unusual shadows.

    But there is no concrete evidence to support the claim intelligent aliens exist anywhere beyond Earth.

    There is, however, an explanation for why so many UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists see spaceships and aliens on the Moon and Mars – pareidolia.

    Pareidolia is a peculiar effect that affects everyone and causes the brain to see recognisable patterns where they do not exist.

    In its simplest form, pareidolia kicks in when people see smiling faces in car bumpers or animal-like shapes in clouds.

    Many experts believe this is an evolutionary trait that has allowed the human species to thrive.

    Christopher French of the British Psychological Society said: “We’ve evolved brains that think in these quick, dirty ways that are usually right, but at times can lead us to systematically be biased.

    “A classic example is the Stone Age guy standing there, scratching his beard, wondering whether that rustling in the bushes really is a sabre-toothed tiger.

    “You’re much more likely to survive if you assume it’s a sabre-toothed tiger and get the hell out of there – otherwise you may end up as lunch.”

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