Cries for help from Brit stuck down well for six days were mistaken for a ghost

Jacob Roberts, 29, was chased by a dog he feared had rabies before breaking his leg and tumbling into a 13ft pit while out walking in Bali, Indonesia

    Jacob Roberts was stuck in the well for six days (Image: Badung Poilice)

    The cries for help of a British expatriate stuck in a well were mistaken for the wailing of a ghost and ignored for several days.

    Jacob Roberts, 29, said he was being chased by a stray dog he feared had rabies in Bali, Indonesia, when he broke his leg and fell into the disused 13ft pit.

    For six days he survived with no food and limited water, while a farmer initially thought his calls were coming from beyond the grave.

    However, four days after the cries were first heard, Wayan Suwiji told her nephew to check on what was going on and he found a backpack and then the stranded IT worker.

    The Brit had broken his leg and was too weak to climb out
    (Image: BALI POLICE/HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

    The family, who own a property just 600 yards from the well, as well as other villagers then threw tossed food and water for Mr Roberts but he was too injured to climb out with a ladder.

    Mrs Suwiji, who first heard the calls for help when she was feeding her cow, told The Sun : "I heard the sound ooh, ooh. I shuddered and trembled.

    "I didn’t know whether it was the voice of a human, animal or ghost. I was very scared and ran home to tell people."

    Her nephew Ketut Manik Astawa, meanwhile, said a paying guest in the house had heard the cries in the early hours of last Tuesday.

    A rescue team lifted him out and he was taken to hospital
    (Image: Badung Poilice)

    Mr Astawa said when he eventually went to investigate, Mr Roberts pulled down his trousers to show him his broken leg and told him a dog had chased him.

    Local search and rescue chief Gede Darmada led the efforts to remove the injured man before he was taken to hospital.

    Pictures show the rescue team entering the four-metre deep disused community water source wearing personal protective equipment.

    South Kuta police chief Yusak Agustinus Sooai said: "He looked thin and injured.

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    "The victim claimed to have been trapped there about six days before an evacuation was carried out by the Basarnas team on Saturday."

    Mr Roberts, previously from Aylesbury, Bucks, had been walking near Jalan Belimbing Sari, Banjar Tampias, when he was chased by the dog.

    He remains in hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.


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