The criminal was serving the lengthy jail sentence guilty of the deaths of ten people and injuring dozens more during a shoot-out in a town square in Mexico

    Maria Guadalupe Buendia Torres, known as ‘The Wolf’ died at a prison in centreal Mexico (Image: CEN)

    An infamous female criminal nicknamed 'The Wolf' who was serving a 492-year prison sentence for killing 10 people has died of coronavirus.

    Maria Eulalia Guadalupe Buendia Torres had been imprisoned since 2000 following a shoot-out between her organisation and her political rivals.

    The diminutive criminal, who suffered from type 2 diabetes, was transferred to a private hospital in Toluca after showing symptoms of Covid-19

    However, the convicted killer died from respiratory failure in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    Mexican authorities say they are still unsure how the prisoner contracted coronavirus behind bars.

    Mexican police use facial masks during formation to help prevent COVID-19 infections.
    (Image: Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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    Buendia Torres was serving a 492-year prison sentence after being found guilty of the deaths of ten people and injuring dozens more during a shoot-out in a town square in 2000. 

    Although she did not physically shoot the victims, Buendia Torres was arrested and charged as the one responsible.

    'The Wolf' was the head of the 'Organisation of Towns and Colonies' (OCP) for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) during the 90's, using the organisation as a front to invade and take over other peoples' farms and lands illegally and give them to other party members.

    By 1995, she had more than 80 charges against her, from dispossession to grievous bodily harm, eviction and invasion of land.

    At one point she was even named director of the municipal water company, blackmailing the public by cutting off their water supply if they did not do what she said, reports say.

    Due to her political influence she is said to have believed herself untouchable, and would position her close friends and family members in political positions.

    Buendia Torres was arrested along with her husband, son and cousin and had been imprisoned until her death from coronavirus.



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