Toilet paper masks will not help.

Toilet paper masks will not help.
Toilet paper masks will not help.

American scientists claim that the most effective face masks during the pandemic are simple silk and cotton cloth products.

Where to find such a product and which masks are considered the most effective?

Physicists from the United States said that homemade masks made of layers of cotton and silk delay from 80 to 99% of harmful air particles. They argue that such simple products are almost not inferior in effectiveness to n95-class restaurators, that is, to what doctors wear in the “red zone.”

Such a statement caused a storm of controversy among specialists. You can connect natural fabrics, but how to maximize the fit of the mask to the face? “Any holes and areas of loose contact dramatically reduce the effectiveness of such products by about half,” explains virologist Georgy Tsibulov. And although overseas physicists recommend silk masks for work in hospitals, the doctor admits that so far such products are not used in the professional environment.

So what protections are considered the most reliable in the medical and scientific environment? Is it necessary to save on masks by buying fabric crafts for 100 rubles, or is it better to invest in a more expensive, but effective acquisition?

The simplest protection was the usual blue and white medical mask made of nonwoven material. Today they are sold literally at every corner at a price of 3 to 20 rubles apiece. But how reliable is this product?

“Such a mask protects not the person who wears it, but the people around him from the owner of the mask. Patients who already have the flu or SARS put them on so as not to infect anyone. All a mask made of nonwoven material is capable of trapping saliva particles, in which there may be microbes, and preventing them from entering the environment, “says Cibulov. Therefore, to think that this cheap and simple product will save in public places is at least naive.

In order to reliably protect yourself from the virus, there are respiratory masks. They are very likely to save the owner from infection. Respiratory agents are made of filter material, they fit tightly to the face, covering the nose, mouth and chin, and are attached to the back of the head with straps.

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