What minerals are better absorbed?

These are the most important minerals for the existence and proper functioning of the entire human body.
These are the most important minerals for the existence and proper functioning of the entire human body.

To exist, the human body needs a huge amount of useful substances
Zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, calcium are not just elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table from the school chemistry curriculum. These are the most important minerals for the existence and proper functioning of the entire human body.
For our immune cells to protect us from enemy virus intrusion, zinc is essential. Magnesium is a key element of our nervous system and muscles. Strong bones and strong teeth are the merit of calcium. Without iron, hemoglobin levels drop, which can lead to the development of anemia. And copper supports our beauty and youth by preserving hair color and participating in the production of collagen and elastin.
With modern nutrition, all these minerals enter our body in negligible quantities. From vitamin complexes they are practically not absorbed and can even cause side effects… How to be? Is there a solution to this problem, or is a person doomed with age to experience an increasing shortage of these minerals?
Helates are a new word in science
A real furore throughout the European scientific community has produced chelating forms of minerals. It was known that unlike minerals, the body is very easy to absorb amino acids. This prompted scientists to attach a mineral molecule to an amino acid. And it really worked. This form was called – chelate.

The degree of absorption of chelates is many times higher than that of inorganic forms such as carbonates, citrates, etc. In this form, minerals are absorbed as much as possible.

And most importantly, the body very easily transfers chelate minerals in large doses. They do not cause side disruption of digestion and bloating, as they do not affect the level of acidity of the stomach, and are also absorbed without side deposits in the vessels, kidneys, joints and are even allowed to pregnant and nursing.

One of the first in Russia, the Evalar pharmaceutical company developed a line of easily digestible chelate complexes. Chelates from Evalar provide maximum absorption of minerals. Zinc chelate, Calcium chelate, Magnesium chelate, Iron chelate and Copper chelate – replenish minerals in the body without deposition in vessels, kidneys and joints, do not cause discomfort from the GI, and are also allowed to pregnant and nursing women. And in their production, only high-quality raw materials are used.

Magnesium chelate Evalar – convenient to take: 1 tablet a day is equivalent to 6 tablets of the popular magnesium drug. It promotes resistance to stress, support for healthy sleep, the nervous system and the heart.
Calcium chelate Evalar – promotes rapid calcium saturation in the body, ensuring its maximum absorption. In addition, calcium in chelate form is not deposited on the walls of vessels, in the kidneys, but goes directly into the bones. Calcium chelate Evalar contributes to the normal state of bone tissue, teeth, and improvement of the functional state of the heart and vessels. * Iron chelate Evalar – provides 100% of the daily iron consumption rate.

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