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Gold and Jewels Found on Minoan Island Devoted to the Color Purple

A storehouse of ancient treasures, including precious jewels and gold beads, has been uncovered by archaeologists on an island near Crete devoted to making a precious purple dye from sea snails thousands of years...

Humanity’s Oldest Cave Art Shows Shape-Shifting Supernatural Hunters

This therianthrope, showing a human figure with a tail, is part of the hunting scene found in cave art in Leang Bulu' Sipong in Indonesia. Researchers discovered cave paintings depicting what may be part-animal, part-human...

Tiny, Ancient Native American Weapons May Have Been Used to Train Children to Fight

Atlatl hand grips found at Par-Tee varied greatly in size. In ancient times, some Native American groups taught their children how to fight and hunt using miniature versions of popular projectile weapons, according to a...

The Reality Behind These 11 Blockbuster Movies Based On True Stories

Kenneth Taylor, an American pilot who is portrayed in Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, allegedly called the movie "a piece of trash; over-sensationalized and completely distorted."To turn a historical event into entertainment is hard enough,...

What Was the Black Death?

The Black Death was responsible for killing thousands of people in medieval Europe. This illustration from the time shows skeletons rising from the dead for the dance of death. From the "Nuremberg Chronicle" (published...

Dazzling ‘Temple of Colored Marbles’ Honoring Roman God Discovered in Italy

In this reconstruction of the "Mithraeum of Colored Marbles" the spelaeum, the most important room in the mithraeum, is shown on the bottom level. Some 1,600 years ago, ancient Romans would have worshipped the god...

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