Aliens in New York: UFO hunter shares Google Maps sighting of ‘ominous alien face’

ALIEN enthusiasts have been excitedly sharing remarkable Google Maps footage that has apparently captured a glimpse of an alien visiting New York.

UFO hunter Scott Waring took to his blog to discuss the verified Google Street View images he claims captured evidence of an alien. He said: “Imagine walking down the sidewalk at night in New York state staring at the river, then turning to the right and seeing the ominous alien face staring back at you.


    “That, to me, is a really creepy thought.

    Maybe the alien decided to hide from the Google Street View camera

    Scott Waring

    “Well, the face is situated below a bridge and is way back in the far end making it difficult to see anything but a face.”

    Using Google Maps, with coordinates 42°26’35.27″N 76°30’48.70″W, the controversial conspiracy theorist showed a street view under a bridge on Taughannock Boulevard, Ithaca, New York.

    The alleged alien encounter is situated approximately halfway beneath the structure.

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    The purported alien face resembles those popularised in science fiction and first-hand abduction accounts.

    The humanoid-shaped head appears to be a grey colour and far larger than ours.

    And the supposed extraterrestrial also seems to have huge tapered eyes and no discernible hair.

    Mr Waring continued by speculating about the reasons for an alien choosing to squat beneath a bridge.

    He said: “Maybe the alien decided to hide from the Google Street View camera.

    “Or maybe the alien being was cloaked, only to be revealed by Google’s powerful cameras.

    “Cameras can, for example, see colours that humans simply cannot.”

    He also rules out the suggestion that alien face was simply drawn to the side of the underpass.

    He said: “Now at first I thought it was graffiti art, but I didn’t see a lot of such art around, but there is some nearby.

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    “I also didn’t see a wall it was on… because it looks like there is a hollow cavity area where it’s at.

    “So I do believe this is a real alien watching passersby or hiding under this bridge.

    He added: “Aliens in New York, but we knew that already!

    “Even John Lennon once claimed to have seen an alien in New York.

    The scientific consensus, however, agrees findings such as this one are really simply the effects of pareidolia.

    This is a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

    Mr Waring’s bizarre claims quickly attracted scores of comments to his YouTube channel.

    Viewer Melissa Smidt appeared convinced by the dubious claim, commenting: “The right eye has a sheen. Could be reflecting light? Great capture, and quite the needle in the haystack.

    However, YouTuber MajMat is far more sceptical about the so-called finding, writing: “If its an alien where the hell is its body? Graffiti 100 percent.”


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