Beach photo from 1940s leaves people convinced ‘time traveller’ has been found

The shocking snap taken during WW2 appears to show a man talking on a modern smartphone, baffling social media users.

A vintage beach photo from the 1940s claims to offer “proof” of time travel. The photo, showing Brits seeking respite on a beach during World War II, features an apparent anomaly.

Among the throngs of sunbathers in Cornwall in 1943, one man seems out of place. This brown-suited gentleman appears engrossed in what looks like a modern-day smartphone, quite unlike anything available at the time.

The quirky capture from Towan Beach, Newquay had some social media spectators convinced it’s proof that time travel exists, with users coining the term “texting time traveller”.

One social media user questioned: “Er…is it just me or is this guy checking his phone… the 1940s?”

Meanwhile another noted: “Good catch. It’s clearly the man in the shot is a time travelling tourist checking his mobile device.”

But sceptics dismissed the bizarre theory as “nonsensical”.  One social media user disagreed with the “time travelling” theory and suggested: “I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!”

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This isn’t the first time a baffling historical photograph sent time travel believers into a frenzy.

Recently, The Mirror revealed how footage from 1938 seemed to offer evidence of time travel.

The video shows a group of people walking towards the camera, among them, a young woman who appears to be holding something next to her ear.


    Social media users claimed she was caught on camera chatting on a mobile – a technology not invented yet in her era.

    Clad in a chic 30s dress, she’s seen taking a dark object, about the size of a modern phone, away from her ear.

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