Only those with eagle eyes can crack this tricky car-themed brainteaser in under 15 second

Scientists have said that if you can’t work out the answers to this, you would almost certainly have been eaten by a predator in the wild.

Only those with eagle eyes are able to crack this tricky car-themed brainteaser in under 15 seconds, although you’d be pretty talented to finish the puzzle at all. The AA have posted a picture of lots of cars on a motorway – however there are four dangerous hazards that skilled drivers are asked to spot.

Observation is a necessary skill for driving, and it’s vital that motorists stay focused to keep themselves and others safe while on the roads. This puzzle puts these awareness skills to the test, challenging Express readers to find some of the most common breakdown scenarios.

Have a look at the picture, and remember that even if you aren’t a driver, it’s still important for us all to know the dangerous things that could cause an accident. Make sure you time yourself, as we want Express readers to be fast in identifying the hazards.

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If you need some help identifying the hazards, then keep an eye out for the following: a vehicle with a flat tire, a vehicle that is overheating, a vehicle with a fuel leak, and a pair of lost keys.

Have you seen all the hazards yet? If not, then have a look at the picture below.

As we age, it’s important to stay fresh on our knowledge of driving hazards. Similarly, it’s vital to keep our brain active in an attempt to stave off cognitive decline. The less we use our brain, the quicker it will deteriorate, increasing the risk of some nasty conditions like dementia.

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    We should think of our brains like a physical muscle that we need to keep fit and use often. It’s also important to keep physically active too – in fact, the healthier we are physically, the sharper we will tend be mentally, too.

    Let us know in the comments if you beat the magic 15 second mark. Try to do at least one brainteaser a day – you won’t regret it.

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